We love Will. We really do.

XXX But as many of you may have found out, it's kind of hard to know whether or not he's actualy read - much less received his mail that we've sent to him. There are only a scant lucky few who have actually heard back from him.

XXX Planet Will is no exception.

XXX We know that he's a very nice guy and that he really appreciates his fans. The only problem is that he's been noticably neglectful in replying to the fans that pour large amounts of mail to him on a weekly basis.

XXX Now, we all know that he's a very busy guy with all the work he does on Saturday Night Live and his budding film career, but we've all been wondering how we can break through and finally reach him.

XXX Planet Will was formed 2-and-a-half years ago to celebrate the fandom of Will and share the fun with the world. The only thing that's been a stich in our side has been the fact that we still haven't heard anything from him.....and it certainly hasn't been from lack of trying. Planet Will sends him a new letter with a self-addressed stamped envelope and paper for him to write on at least 3 times a month. To date we have received no confirmation that he's even read any of the letters. The address is correct. Will is getting them, but he's not responded yet.

XXX So I got an idea.

XXX For all of the Ferrell fans out there, I might have come up with a possible solution. I've come up with something that would be hard for Will to ignore. If we're successful, the door will finally be opened directly to Will and Planet Will can become THE best way to get to know about Will and keep up with him on a weekly basis.

XXX Dare I say it? A fan club?

XXX So here's what you can do:

XXX A new E-Mail address has been set up for you to write letters directly to Will (in a metter of speaking.)


XXX All of the mail that is received at this new address will be printed out and collected to be mailed in large bulk shipments to Will with a self-addressed stamped envelope and plain paper for him to respond with.
XXX The thinking, here, is that it might be easy to forget an individual letter (or many individual letters), but a huge package full of letters can be a bit hard to gloss over. A crowd is much louder than an individual voice, right?
XXX When I mail the large shipment of letters out, I'll also send it registered mail to make sure that it arrives by making a signature of receipt necessary.

XXX So get to writing. Write as often as you like, and mention Planet Will if you feel the urge. I've received quite a few mails in the past from old friends of Will who have said that they think he'd love the site. Let's see if we can find out!