Q: Do you know Will Ferrell? Have you ever spoken to him? Can you get me his autograph?
A: I've never met him, neither have I ever spoken to him. If I can get an autograph, I'll see about getting you some, too. Maybe.

Q: Does Will Ferrell know about Planet Will?
A: To the best of my knowledge, he's seen Planet Will once. He returned a fan letter I had sent him confirming that fact, but not much else. He called the site, "quite flattering."

Q: Have you tried to write to Will?
A: Every week. I'm also sending him letters from Planet Will readers who send their notes to letters2will@madmail.com. Go here for more information.

Q: How long has Planet Will been around?
A: Planet Will started on December 16th, 1997. It's one of the oldest maintained Will Ferrell sites on the web.

Q: How big is the Planet Will staff?
A: Usually just one person, me...but anyone is welcome to send in information, pictures, sounds and whatever else they think Planet Will could use. It's really a site for the Will Ferrell fans. I'm just the guy that arranges it all into one big package.

Q: Do you have copies of Saturday Night Live episodes? Can you make me some copies? I can pay you for them?
A: As much as I'd like to help you out, I just don't have that kind of time or energy to do something like that. (Not to mention the legal ramifications.) The best advice would be to search some newsgroups, or ask some people on the Planet Will mailing list if they can help.

Q: Do you have this particular sound file/scene/picture I'm looking for?
A: If it's not up at Planet Will, odds are I don't have what your looking for in an electronic format. If I did I'd post it. I do, however, listen closely to what you guys would want to see at this site and try my hardest to make it happen.

Q: How do I sign up for the Planet Will mailing list?
A: Just follow this link and follow the easy directions. We don't spam, and we don't fill up your mail with crap; just good Will Ferrell/SNL stuff.

Q: Can I borrow some of the pictures/sounds from your website to use on mine?
A: Usually that's fine, as long as you're not a commercial site. If you run a private fan page (like Planet Will is) you're less likely to get in trouble with the images and sounds and so forth. Copyright issues are a bear. If you're in the clear, though, just do me the favor of linking and acknowledging that you got the material from Planet Will, originally:
The link should be pointed to <http://planetwill.jt.org> with an accompanying line that says, "Courtesy of Planet Will."

Q: How often do you update Planet Will?
A: Truthfully, as often as I humanly can. Summers are slow as information comes in slower, but things pick up during the regular TV season. Planet Will is one of many websites that I maintain, so it shares time with my other hobbies and interests.
Mailing list members always are the first to know when Planet Will is updated, so get signed up, if you aren't already.

Q: How long have you been a Will Ferrell fan?
A: Ever since his first episode. People who know me remember that I was enamored as soon as he started screaming at those kids off-camera to, "GET OFF THE SHED!!" I was immediately struck by the freshness of his humor, and soon recognized that talent he had within.
It wasn't long after that that I was learning how to build web pages. After a while of trial and error and finding out what I liked and didn't like about web pages, I landed on Planet Will as one of my favorite ideas to maintain. It's gone through a few facelifts, but I've been loving every minute of it.
As I've stated before, my ultimate goal is to be recognized by Will, himself, and to establish Planet Will as his official fan club on the web. If that never happens, I won't regret the experience of making a fun site about a fun guy possible.