Big Brawn Feminine Napkins commercial (9-28-96)

Jingle: Now, up in the woods there's a choppin' and a sawin'
There's a log-cuttin' man by the name of Big Brawn.
Big Brawn. Big Brawn. Big Bad Brawn.

He turns wood to pulp, like paper through a shredder
There ain't a bigger man who can do it any better.
And Big Brawn knows it takes the finest pulp Big Brawn. Big Brawn. Big Bad Brawn.

Now, the ladies want freedom and to feel secure,
Big Brawn Napkins are mighty thirstier.
They sop up a mess the size of a lake,
Go on, pretty lady, let the little damn break.
Super-absorbant, and straight from the tree.

Pretty Lady: "It's like a big friendly lumberjack between yor knees!

Jingle: Big Brawn. Big Brawn. Feminine Napkins.