There was only one appearance by the Gantner family and their workout show, but it was as memorable to Ferrell fans as any other character he's played.

Will played Terry Gantner, the father of the peppy family. Chris Kattan played his son and Molly Shannon, his wife.

Their workouts were supposed to be designed around the serenity and strength of the martial arts. It was very strange to see these, shall we say, very Caucasian people promoting the skills culled from the Far East. They were ultra-positive and perky to the point of nausea.

The funniest part of the sketch was when Kattan got a board and Will set up to break it with one punch. Everyone acted like he did it many times before (even through the plastic and wary look in Chris' eyes.)
Will hit the board and immediately crumpled. The perky and positive Terry was immediately transformed into a crazed and cursing hotbed of temper.
"Aaaagh! Dammit! That hurts! What kind of wood was that!?! What the hell's wrong with you?!"