Dare to dream.

Mary Katherine Gallgher (Molly Shannon) is a Catholic school girl with adream. She has always wanted a kiss: but not any average kiss. She's always wanted a weak-in-the-knees, hair curling Hollywood kiss. A superstar kiss.

To get that superstar kiss Mary decides she needs to become a superstar, herself and tries out to become an extra in a movie.

Will Ferrell plays the boy whom she most wants to kiss, popular man-about campus, Sky Corrigan.

Molly Shannon
Will Ferrell
Tom Green (III)
Elaine Hendrix
Emmy Laybourne
Mark McKinney
Harland Williams

Written by:
Stephen Koren

Produced by:
Steve Koren
Lorne Michaels
Robert K. Weiss

Directed by:
Bruce McCullough

SNL Studios/
Paramount Pictures