A Rock 'n' Roll fable.

An account of four guys who hit it big in the early 1980's as "The Suburbans." With their song at the top of the charts they thought they had a promising career in front of them. Unfortunately they were destined to join the ever-growing list of one-hit wonders.

Flash forward to the 1990's: now in their mid-30's, the band is "rediscovered" by Kate, a young music executive, and is given another chance at stardom. Soon, with the help of Kate's superiors, an impressive--and increasingly bizarre--publicity campaign is mounted on their behalf. The guys are ready to do anything to recapture their moment in the sun--whether they will actually succeed is another question altogther.

Craig Bierko
Amy Brenneman
Will Ferrell
Tony Guma
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Robert Logia
Ben Stiller
Jerry Stiller
Donal Lardner Ward
Bridgette Wilson
Matt Cedeno
Kurt Loder
Perrey Reeves

Donal Lardner Ward
Tony Guma

Produced by:
Jeffrey Abrams
Michael Burns (IV)
Marc Butan (Exe)
Leanna Creel
Tim Foster (Exe)
Brad Krevoy
George Linardos (Exe)
John Saviano (Co-)

Directed by:
Donal Lardner Ward

HSX Films
Red Hour Films
Ignite Entertainment