Steve (Will Ferrell) & Doug (Chris Kattan) Butabi want to get into the best club in town, while they also have aspirations to open a club of their own. They live together, even sharing the same room.

They soon meet Vivica & Cambi, a couple of gold-digging supermodels. The girls try to play the guys for their money, only to find out later that they don't have any.

The brothers get the idea to start their own nightclub, but, after a series of mishaps, they get into a big fight and "split up". This mostly involves them giving each other the silent treatment and getting separate bedrooms.
The guys' father forces Steve to get married for financial reasons.

Doug ends up crashing Steve's wedding and the brothers decide that it was a mistake to be mad at each other and reconcile.

Will Ferrell

Chris Kattan
Elisa Donovan
Gigi Rice
Loni Anderson
Dan Hedaya
Richard Grieco
Chazz Palminteri
Molly Shannon
Dwayne Hickman
Pat Ferrell
Kip Kattan
Mark McKinney
Colin Quinn

Will Ferrell
Chris Kattan
Steve Koren
Amy Heckerling

Exec. Produceder:
Lorne Michaels
Amy Heckerling

Directed by:
John Fortenberry

Paramount Pictures