He's cool. He's clean. He's a love machine.

Leon Phelps is the grooviest, smooth-talking, woman chaser around. Known suitably to all as the Ladies Man, Leon hots a popular late-night radio call-in show dispensing advice on affairs of the heart. After hundreds and thousands of conquests, Leon is the self-proclaimed expert on... the ladies.

After being ejected from his job for one too many vulgar and inappropriate comments, he unsuccessfully seeks employment from every radio station in chicago. Out of options, Leon receives a mysterious letter from his "true love" asking him to return to her - and her money! Problem solved.

All Leon has to do is figure out who she is. While he actively backtracks through his book of ladies, a posse of scorned husbands band together to hunt down the mysterious lover of their wives.

Tim Meadows
Karyn Parsons
Billy Dee Williams
Kevin McDonald

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen
Lee Evans
Will Ferrell
Jimmy Fallon
Tamala Jones
Mark McKinney
Julianne Moore
Chris Parnell
John Witherspoon

Written by:
Tim Meadows
Dennis McNicholas
Andrew Steele

Produced by:
Erin Frasier
Thomas Levine (Exe.)
Lorne Michaels (Exe.)
Robert K. Weiss (Exe.)

Directed by:
Reginald Hudlin

SNL Studios
Paramount Pictures