..THE DEATH ARTIST (AKA Bucket of Blood)

Murder is his masterpiece.

Failing miserably as a sculptor, busboy Walter Paisley (Anthony Michael Hall) is anxious to make his mark....and running out of ideas.

Fate produces a horrible accident 'inspiring' Walter to turn death into art and he is suddenly famous. His realistic, shocking new style of sculpture is met with rave reviews.

Craving more and more admiration, Walter embarks on a downward spiral, each new 'creation' born of murder. Eventually Walter's secret will be uncovered and he'll have only one place to turn for his next masterpiece....

Anthony Michael Hall
Justine Bateman
Shadoe Stevens
Sam Lloyd
Jesse D. Goins
Kin Shriner
Sheila Travis
David Cross
Victor Wilson
Patrick Bristow
Paul Bartel
Mink Stole
Julianna McCarthy
Will Ferrell
Alan Sues
Darcy DeMoss

Written by:
Brendan Broderick
Charles B. Griffith
Michael James McDonald

Produced by:
Roger Corman (executive)
Mike Elliott (I)
Lance H. Robbins (executive)

Directed by:
Michael James McDonald

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